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11.12.2017: Published trip report: Expedition Strandzha 2017 (in Czech).

23.01.2012: Published trip report: Peloponnese Expedition 2011 (in Czech).

16.05.2011: Published trip report Look-in to the Bosnia and Herzegovina – 30.8. – 5.9. 2010 (in Czech).

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06.07.2010: Published trip report Transbalkan roadtrip 12. – 25.5.2010 (in Czech).

11.06.2010: Now are photos uploaded to Balcanica stored in higher resolution. The maximum size of the longer side of photo is now 800 px (previously only 600 px).

29.04.2010: Added charts of occurences during year for each species (under map of UTM quadrate mapping), charts of fieldherping activity for co-authors and their lists of observed species, and charts with number of species and locality record by countries.

25.11.2009: Published article (in Czech) Herpetofauna of the Eagle's country (2).

21.08.2009: Our new content management system for inserting locality records and photos was released. If you have something to contribute try registration, more info info here.

14.08.2009: Published article Small city under Epirus (in Czech).

21.02.2009: Added book review (in Czech only): The Amphibians and Reptiles of Greece.

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24.11.2008: Published atricle (in Czech): Danube Delta 2005.

25.10.2008: Added first part of article (in Czech): Herpetofauna of the Eagle's country.

03.10.2008: Published next article (in Czech) The TSP to Not Only Natural Jewels of Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro - 10.6. – 23.6.07.

26.09.2008: Added new article (in Czech): The Romania with Stop at the Slovakia – 3.5. – 9.5. 2008.

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22.01.2008: Published article (in Czech) Bulgarian National Park Strandja from Herpetological View.

02.01.2008: Added article (in Czech) Velebite Mts. and Krk Island - 14.7. - 21.7. 2007.

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21.12.2007: New article (in Czech with summary in Englis) published in Acrocephalus describing find of Emys orbicularis in northern Moravia propably introduced from the Balkans.

25.11.2007: Added article (in Czech) On Snake-eyed Skink Ablepharus kitaibelii....

29.08.2007: See distribution maps in new section mapping.

16.08.2007: Next basic infos (in Czech) about Ablepharus kitaibelii, Hemidactylus turcicus, Pelophylax shqipericus and Testudo marginata.

14.08.2007: Completed basic info (in Czech) about Emys orbicularis, Mauremys rivulata and Trachemys scripta.

18.07.2007: Added new voyage (in Czech) Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro 10.6. – 23.6.2007

12.06.2007: New article (continuation, in Czech) How is it with Elaphe genus (2)?

24.05.2007: New article (in Czech) How is it with Elaphe genus? The review in taxonomy and system of popular Rat snakes.

21.05.2007: Added bacic species info (in Czech) about Testudo graeca and T. hermanni.

17.03.2007: Added new article (in Czech) Interesting case of active defense in Grass Snake (Natrix natrix).

09.03.2007: New article (in Czech) Be afraid of poisonous snake bite in Balkans?.

23.02.2007: New article (in Czech) about anatomy of Vipera ammodytes.

26.01.2007: New article (in Czech) about canibalism in Sandviper.

24.01.2007: Refreshed independent select of photos and localities according to countries and regions.

10.01.2007: Today number of photos on Balcanica exceed 1000 items.

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18.12.2006: new photos of Rana ridibunda from Achtopol

09.12.2006: added new photos of male Testudo graeca (2., 3.) and female Lacerta trilineata (2., pileus)

08.12.2006: Testudo marginata (2.) is a new species in our database, plus new photos of Vipera ammodytes: 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6.

02.12.2006: Testudo graeca (2., 3.)

28.11.2006: again new photos: Rana ridibunda (2., 3.) and Podarcis muralis (det. of head) from Rezovo

27.11.2006: added new photos of Natrix tessellata, Testudo graeca (2., 3.) and Mauremys rivulata (2.)

24.11.2006: new photos of Pseudopus apodus, locality of H. gemonensis and L. trilineata in Miskoviči on Pag, Vipera ammodytes (2., 3.) and Lacerta trilineata (2., 3.)

23.11.2006: added new photos of Zamenis situla: first from Primosten and second found before more than 17 years ago near Sozopol

19.11.2006: Robert Csekes conributed by photos of Podarcis melisellensis (2., 3., 4.) and by rare Archaeolacerta mosorensis (2., 3.), which is actulally 70. species and 500. locality find on Balcanica!

18.11.2006: added photos of Rana ridibunda from Achtopol and Natrix natrix (2.) from Sinemoretz


14.11.2006: new photos of Ablepharus kitaibelii (2.) and male with female Lacerta viridis

10.11.2006: next new photos of: Emys orbicularis (plastron and its place of find in Achtopol, Testudo graeca (carapax and posterior side of body) and Natrix tessellata (det. of head, belly)


05.11.2006: added new photos of: Lacerta viridis with its locality near Achtopol, Podarcis taurica (2., belly) and its locality in Achtopol, Montivipera xanthina (2.)

02.11.2006: new photos of copulating Testudo graeca (respective female and male) and big Emys orbicularis from Achtopol

01.11.2006: new photos of Testudo graeca (posterior, det. of head), Lacerta trilineata (det. of head) and male Vipera ammodytes (view to landscape)

30.10.2006: Ivan Kocourek contributed by his voyages Vzpominka na balkanske putovani 10.5.-22.5.1994: Rumunsko, Bulharsko, Recko, Albanie, Makedonie (in Czech language)

29.10.2006: completed second part of the article Herpetofauna a batrachofauna Bulharska (2) (only in Czech Language, with new species for our database - Lacerta agilis), than Patrik Hajdaj contributed by photos of Salamandra salamandra and again new species in database - Alpine Newt Triturus alpestris (2.)

27.10.2006: again new basic info for species Elaphe sauromates, Natrix natrix and Natrix tessellata (in Czech only)

26.10.2006: added photos of 4 shells Testudo graeca, Bufo bufo (2.) and Elaphe quatuorlineata (detail of head)

25.10.2006: new basic info for species Coronella austriaca, Elaphe quatuorlineata and Telescopus fallax (in Czech only)

22.10.2006: included photos of copulation among subspecies of Natrix natrix, Podarcis melisellensis, road-killed Zamenis situla, female Vipera ammodytes and full box of Pelobates syriacus

20.10.2006: visual example of breaking of the Bern convention: Mauremys rivulata (total view)

19.10.2006: new photos of Rana cretensis and their localities in Kavros and Kournas, plus lokality of Lacerta trilineata in Kavros

11.10.2006: new photos of Rana dalmatina (2.) and Podarcis taurica (2.)

08.10.2006: added first volume of article Herpetofauna a batrachofauna Bulharska (in Czech) from Vaclav Gvozdik and Roman Snajdr and added locality of Nose-horned Viper in Achtopol

07.10.2006: Ivan Kocourek contributed by article Kreta 21.6 - 2.7.2006 (in Czech)

06.10.2006: 2 localities of Dolichophis caspius in Achtopol: 1., 2.

05.10.2006: inserted photos of Large Whip Snakes: 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., Aesculapian Snake and Nose-horned Viper (2.)

03.10.2006: these species were newly added to the basic species info: Dolichophis caspius, Eryx jaculus, Malpolon monspessulanus, Platyceps collaris, Platyceps najadum, Proteus anguinus and Typhlops vermicularis (all in Czech!)
possibility to search according regions was added in element photos and localities in main menu, and in this right column under Actualities you can see actual statistics of photos and loc. finds on Balcanica.

27.09.2006: 14 new photos of Mauremys rivulata and its localities is possible to see here, next new photos: Natrix tessellata and different Grass Snakes: 1., 2., 3.

24.09.2006: added new photos Testudo hermanni, Lacerta viridis (2.), Vipera ammodytes (2.); Dolichophis caspius: juv. (2.) a adult. (2.); Triturus karelinii, Triturus vulgaris (2., 3.), and next Testudo graeca (2.) from Achtopol
to the column in main menu basic species info accrued new species again (only in Czech): Hierophis gemonensis, Hierophis viridiflavus, Vipera ammodytes and Zamenis longissimus

23.09.2006: added new species: Rana cretensis; next new photos Emys orbicularis (2. + lokality); Mauremys rivulata and locality of this species in Rezovo; frog Rana dalmatina and Marsh Frogs: 1., 2., 3., 4., 5.

22.09.2006: new photos: Trachemys scripta (2., 3.) with its lokality; lizards Podarcis erhardii: juv. individual (2.) with lokality + adult. individual also wit its lokality; Glass Lizard; Archaeolacerta oxycephala (2., 3., 4.); Hyla arborea

21.09.2006: photod from Crete: Hemidactylus turcicus (2., 3.) and Lacerta trilineata (2., 3.) + juv. individual

19.09.2006: to the column in main menu basic species info accrued: Macrovipera schweizeri, Montivipera xanthina, Vipera berus, Vipera ursinii and Zamenis situla (all in Czech!)

19.09.2006: Frantisek Brabec contributed (for the present not only) by these photos: Dolichophis caspius (lokality), Vipera ammodytes (lokality), Natrix tesselata (2.), Natrix natrix (2.), Podarcis taurica, Lacerta viridis (2., 3.)

18.09.2006: published new large voyages Croatia from the north to south (in Czech) including also 65 predominantly new photos

15.09.2006: Michal Curda variegaed our pages by Olm and its lokality

14.09.2006: photos of Pseudopus apodus, Bufo bufo, Natrix natrix (det. of head) and several tortoises Testudo hermanni in different age: adult male, juv., adult. + 2 juv., juv. on hand and remains of pregnat female

12.09.2006: next new photos from Corfu Island: Algyroides nigropunctatus (2.), Zamenis longisimus (2., 3.), Lacerta trilineata (2.) and next photos of two individuals of Testudo hermanni: 1., 2., 3., 4. and fastened thick

11.09.2006: added photos of Jan Vavrous: Laudakia stellio, Hyla arborea and Jiri Smid: L. stellio, Platyceps najadum (2.), Mauremys rivulata (2.), plus next photos of present co-authors: L. stellio, Zamenis situla (2.), Montivipera xanthina and locality of L. trilineata near Knezevici in Croatia

10.09.2006: Silvie Vavrousova contributed by photos of Algyroides nigropunctatus, Anguis fragilis, Podarcis taurica, Lacerta trilineata, Testudo hermanni: combat males, males with female and other female; locality of Emys orbicularis near Achtopol, Malpolon monspessulanus and Lacerta trilineata (det. of head)

22.08.2006: added photos female of Vipera ammodytes (different view)

21.08.2006: Martin Simek contributed by Bulgarian Testudo hermanni (det. of head and carapax) with locality and derivative Trachemys scripta elegans

20.08.2006: added photos of Typhlops vermicularis (det. of head); female Pseudopus apodus (its ectoparasites) and its lokality and to the end sunset in Strandja Mts.

17.08.2006: today was activated (this) English version of pages, although it is not perfect in grammar, we hope that it will help you in browsing and you will enjoy it enough.

16.08.2006: Yellow-bellied Toads: 1., 2. and next from different locality: 3.; and gecko trinity: Mediodactylus kotschyi (detail of head from side and from top), Hemidactylus turcicus and new species in database: Tarentola mauritanica (detail)

15.08.2006: new species in database: Rana temporaria with six new photos of this frog, next new photo of Zootoca vivipara (+ det. of head)
new photos: Zootoca vivipara (whole individual) from Romania and locality of Dolichophis caspius from Bulgarian Achtopol

11.08.2006: updated lokality of Zamenis longissimus and next of Malpolon monspessulanus; new Testudo graeca (carapax, supracaudal scale), Podarcis erhardii (side, det. of head) and Bufo viridis (dorsal view)

05.08.2006: gecko Hemidactylus turcicus (more detailed), European Glass Lizard and locality of this species in Paklenica National Park and young after metamorphose of Fire Salamander

04.08.2006: included photos of whip snakes Hierophis gemonensis: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and three photos of Dalmatian Algyroides: 1, 2 and 3

03.08.2006: litle bit of fresh green in case of Lacerta viridis from Paklenica: female, male num. 1 and male num. 2

02.08.2006: Lukas Pfeifer send us photo of Montpellier Snake from Pag island, and photos of Natrix natrix, next individual (2. a 3. photo) from Paklenica National Park were added and added was photo of Natrix tessellata and its locality in Achtopol
next reptiles from Croatia, road-killed individuals: Zamenis situla, Vipera ammodytes, Telescopus fallax (det. of head) and next lizards Lacerta trilineata (det. of head), next adult individual and young, + locality of this species in Paklenica National Park

01.08.2006: added photos of female Lacerta viridis (ventral part) and male of the same species, next youngs N. natrix persa and N. tessellata; beside has Balcanica two new species: frog Rana shqiperica from Montenegro and lizard Iberolacerta horvathi from Frantisek Juna, which is also author of Coronella austriaca (det. of head) and others which wil be continuously added

30.07.2006: lokality of Mauremys rivulata near Achtopol, and next amphibian and reptiles from Zogajsko blato in Montenegro: Bufo viridis, Testudo hermanni and Natrix natrix

29.07.2006: next photos Natrix tessellata (detail of head) from Montenegro, next reptiles from Bulgaria: Malpolon monspessulanus, Zamenis longissimus, Dolichophis caspius and Mauremys rivulata (plastron)

27.07.2006: lizards Podarcis melisellensis (other view, dorsal view), and next individual (dorsal view) from locality Zogajsko blato

26.07.2006: new photos Hyla arborea and Salamandra salamandra (dorsal view) with its locality

25.07.2006: Turkish Gecko from Corfu, which was find during packing suitcase send us Bretislav Kupka; follows Algyroides nigropunctatus (lateral view + detail of head) and Vipera ammodytes (begining of body and detail of head) from village Briska in Montenegro

24.07.2006: Lukas Blazej added series of photos from Montenegro, first is Hierophis gemonensis and (not only) its lokality

16.07.2006: 52 new photos and lot of new informations you can find in voyages Achtopol, NP Strandza a cernomorske pobrezi

14.07.2006: Kristyna Sifnerova contributed with her photos of Rana ridibunda (next) From Krka National Park in Croatia

10.07.2006: added turtle Testudo hermanni from Potomje at Peljeshac
at often appeal of our readers was made guestbook

09.07.2006: series of next photos: Ablepharus kitaibelii from Achtopol and turtles Emys orbicularis (+ juv. individual) and Mauremys rivulata (second and third photo) from Croatia

07.07.2006: new photos of adult and juvenile European Glass Lizard from Krk island

06.07.2006: added voyages article Narodni park Paklenica - herpetologický klenot Chorvatska where you can find lot of new photos and informations

04.07.2006: added photos of Aesculapian Snakes: juvenile and subadult individual and next Telescopus fallax from Krk island

02.07.2006: new photos of juvenile Zamenis longissimus from Krk and next turtles from Romania Testudo graeca: juv. individual (next photo) from Babadag and polished female (+ plastron) from Bestepe

01.07.2006: Mr Milan Husak contributed wit his photos of turtles Testudo graeca from Romania. It is male and female (plastron) from Histria, next big male (carapax, plastron) from Babadag and next small female (+ proportional compare with objective cover from camera) from Bestepe
ke starší fotografii želvy Testudo hermanni byla doplněna fotka plastronu a její lokalita na ostrově Krku, čímž mohla být přeřazena k nálezům se známou lokalitou. Z ostrova Krk pochází i další juvenilní hermanka a slepýš Anguis fragilis (2)

28.06.2006: next photos Archaeolacerta oxycephala (place of find) and Testudo hermanni also wit its locality in Baćina lakes in Dalmatia

25.06.2006: photo of orange-headed Whip Snake Dolichophis caspius (detail of head), including its lokality

24.06.2006: added photos of localities from Zamenis longissimus, Newts T. vulgaris and T. karelinii and frog Rana dalmatina from Primorsko environment

20.06.2006: melanic Aesculapian Snake Zamenis longissimus, detail of head and ventral side

19.06.2006: new photo of gecko Mediodactylus kotschyi from Primorsko on Bulgarian coast

14.06.2006: Emys orbicularis from wetlands of "Djavolska reka River", all new pohotos are situated here between other terrapins in database

10.06.2006: inhabitants od "Djavolska reka River" and environment: (2. part): Triturus vulgaris, Natrix natrix (other view) and Natrix tessellata

06.06.2006: inhabitants od "Djavolska reka River" and environment: Rana ridibunda (1), Rana ridibunda (2), and next Triturus karelinii larva, juv. individual a adult female

05.06.2006: new photos of Rana dalmatina (lateral view) and Lacerta viridis meridionalis female, male (detail)

02.06.2006: sad reality from routes and their environment for fourth time: Natrix tessellata, Rana ridibunda, Bufo viridis a Vipera ammodytes

29.05.2006: sad reality from routes and their environment for third time: Lacerta viridis, Dolichophis caspius, Dolichophis caspius a Vipera ammodytes (horn detail)

26.05.2006: sad reality from routes and their environment for second time: Dolichophis caspius, Emys orbicularis, Natrix tessellata, Pelobates syriacus a Testudo graeca
out of taste avour for sele in Promorsko

22.05.2006: sad reality from routes and their environment: Testudo graeca and Natrix natrix

19.05.2006: added photo of gecko Hemidactylus turcicus with detail of head

17.05.2006: female Testudo hermanni (carapax) from Bulgaria with undivided supracaudal scale

16.05.2006: photo of croatian Natrix natrix displaying thanatose

15.05.2006: new photos of Malpolon monspessulanus and Zamenis situla

13.05.2006: next 3 photos Testudo graeca, karapax and else view of posterior body sides

12.05.2006: added photos of Vipera ammodytes and Telescopus fallax with detail of head

10.05.2006: Romania 1988, this is new voyage from Jiri Simecek with almost 50 photos, of whome Elaphe sauromates and Pelobates syriacus enrich our database by 2 new species.
inserted photos of Lacerta viridis and Testudo hermanni (+ carapax and undivided supracaudal scale)

07.05.2006: by photo of male Vipera berus bosniensis was added new species into section photos and localities.

06.05.2006: included photos of female Podarcis erhardii with head detail and her locality

01.05.2006: photo of male Smooth Newt and his ventral side and series of photos Bombina variegata.

10.04.2006: inserted short voyage memory to Bulgaria in ages 1983 and 1986 from Jiri Simecek

10.04.2006: changed way of sorting locality data in section photos and localities

10.04.2006: included more than 50 locality records

08.04.2006: section "bacic species info" updated by Smooth Newt

05.04.2006: included photos of juvenile Nose-horned Vipers: male, female and detail of head.
- by Fire Salamander was filled section basic species info.

04.04.2006: new photos of adult and juvenile rat snake Elaphe quatuorlineata.

03.04.2006: high-quality photos of Worm Snakes Typhlops vermicularis are available very rare.

01.04.2006: added new photos of Zamenis situla and Lacerta trilineata

28.03.2006: article: Herpetologicky průzkum jihovychodniho Bulharska - autor: Vladislav Jiroušek

27.03.2006: official start of this web for a public