Kyparíssion, Kyparission, Kiparissi

amphibians and reptiles of locality: Kyparíssion, Kyparission, Kiparissi (Peloponnese, Greece), environment of locality record id5089

id5089, Hierophis gemonensis, Greece > Peloponnese > Kyparíssion, Kyparission, Kiparissi, - m a. s., Martin Dobrota, 27.06.2011, 10.07.2011,
Hierophis gemonensis
id5064, Tarentola mauritanica, Greece > Peloponnese > Kyparíssia, Kyparissia, Kiparissia, - m a. s., Martin Dobrota, 20.06.2011, 05.07.2011,
Tarentola mauritanica