amphibians and reptiles of locality: Neretva (Dalmatia, Croatia), environment of locality record id492

id557, Natrix tessellata, Croatia > Dalmatia > Neretva, 5-10 m a. s., Petr Vlček, 03.05.2000, 01.01.2007, Hunting tactics of this ichthyophagous snakes consist of waiting for prey (here mainly introduced fish Gambusia affinis) on floating leaves of water-lily. Hunting individual has anterior part of body under water.
Natrix tessellata Neretva Neretva
id528, Podarcis melisellensis, Croatia > Dalmatia > Neretva, - m a. s., Robert Csekés, 16.09.2004, 19.11.2006, It was interesting, that during 7 km along river (against stream) vary colour appearance from black spotted, across brown with unicolour green band on dorsal side and unicolour brown. Even they were mixed, only one always dominate at its locality.
Podarcis melisellensis Podarcis melisellensis
id492, Vipera ammodytes, Croatia > Dalmatia > Neretva, 15 m a. s., Petr Vlček, 04.05.2000, 22.10.2006, female
Vipera ammodytes Neretva
id1181, Zamenis situla, Croatia > Dalmatia > Neretva, - m a. s., Petr Vlček, 12.05.2001, 02.09.2007, road-killed on road near irrigate cnalals of Neretva river, striped form