Testudo marginata, quadrate 34SFG3, excerpt of locality finds

id species country region locality altitude author of find date of find publication date of find comments
id6344 Testudo marginata Greece Peloponnese Arkhaía Kórinthos, Arkhaia Korinthos, Korinthos, Kórinthos, Old Corinth, Palaia, Palaia Korinthos, Palaiá, Palaiá Kórinthos, Αρχαία Κόρινθος400-500 Jan Dušek 14.05.2002 25.05.2012 3 ex. 
id6346 Testudo marginata Greece Peloponnese Epidaurus, Epidaure, Epidauro, Epidauros, Epidaurosz, Épidaure, エピダウロス- Jan Dušek 20.05.2002 25.05.2012 1 ex. 
id6345 Testudo marginata Greece Peloponnese Mykínai, Mykinai, Micenas, Micene, Mikena, Mikenai, Mikeny, Mikinai, Mikínai, Mikėnai, Muekeene, Mukenai, Mycena, Mycenae, Mycene, Mycenes, Mycènes, Mykena, Mykene, Mykeny, Mykines, Mykény, Mykínes, Mükeene, Mýkena, Микена, Микены, Мікени, מיקנה, ミケーネ, 迈锡尼200 Jan Dušek 18.05.2002 25.05.2012 1 ex.
During a visiting the site 23.6.2009 there were found only traces of their living.