Mauremys rivulata - map of occupied quadrates

Clicking on marked quadrates will display appropriate locality finds.

quadrate 35TNG3 quadrate 34SDJ1 quadrate 35TNG4 quadrate 35SKV4 quadrate 33TYH2 quadrate 34TCM1 quadrate 34TFL4 quadrate 35SLE4 quadrate 35SNA1 quadrate 34TCL4 quadrate 35SLU3 quadrate 35SMU1 quadrate 34TFL3 quadrate 34SGL4 quadrate 34SGK2 quadrate 34TFK1 quadrate 34TFM4 quadrate 35TLF2 quadrate 34TFK3 quadrate 35TMF1 quadrate 35SMB3 quadrate 34SEF3 quadrate 35SME2 quadrate 34TGL2 quadrate 35TME1 quadrate 35TMF2 quadrate 35SLV2 quadrate 35SKA3 quadrate 35TLF4 quadrate 35SKU3 quadrate 34TGK1 quadrate 35SNV3 quadrate 34SDJ4 quadrate 34SDK2 quadrate 35SPA2 Mauremys rivulata - Map of all occupied quadrates, UTM 50x50 km

Total number of all occupied quadrates: 35

Total number of locality finds: 76

Occurrence of the taxon in: 1987 - 2020

Altitudinal division of the locality finds: 0 - 427 m a. s.

Number of locality records during a year (Note, this chart is hardly influenced by structure and number of records on!!!)