Hemidactylus turcicus, quadrate 34SDH3, excerpt of locality finds

id species country region locality altitude author of find date of find publication date of find comments
id1325 Hemidactylus turcicus Greece Lefkada Karya- Kevin Byrnes 13.10.2007 28.10.2007 15 others living here 
id3296 Hemidactylus turcicus Greece Lefkada Nisí Lefkáda, Nisi Lefkada, Lefkada, Lefkas, Lefkáda, Leucada, Leucade, Leucas, Leukas, Lèucada, Nisos Lefkada, Nisos Lefkas, Nisos Levkas, Nísos Lefkáda, Nísos Lefkás, Nísos Levkás, Santa Maura, Λευκάδα, Λευκάς, Νήσος Λευκάς, Νησί Λευκάδα, Лефкас- Andreas Giaprakas 2009 24.08.2009