Pseudepidalea viridis, quadrate 35SLU3, excerpt of locality finds

id species country region locality altitude author of find date of find publication date of find comments
id5997 Pseudepidalea viridis Greece Crete Koutsounari- Steve Daniels 03.03.2009 17.02.2012 Bufo viridis - His croak is quite high pitched, reminiscent of a chukar. Not much deeper than a tree frog. However, it obviously works as within a short time a female approached. 
id5998 Pseudepidalea viridis Greece Crete Peristeras Common- Steve Daniels 05.04.2011 17.02.2012 Hiding in a shallow scrape under a medium sized stone at the edge of the common in the middle day. 
id1845 Pseudepidalea viridis Greece Crete Tzermiado- Kevin Byrnes 07.06.2008 20.06.2008 15 seen