quadrate 35SLE4, excerpt of locality finds

id species country region locality altitude author of find date of find publication date of find comments
id794 Dolichophis caspius Greece Limnos Kaveiria75 Ilias Strachinis 06.04.2007 20.05.2007 adult 
id793 Dolichophis caspius Greece Limnos Plaka17 Ilias Strachinis 05.04.2007 20.05.2007 adult 
id1186 Emys orbicularis Greece Limnos Plaka20 Ilias Strachinis 30.07.2007 04.09.2007 adult 
id1187 Eryx jaculus Greece Limnos Kotsinas47 Ilias Strachinis 05.08.2007 04.09.2007 roadkilled 
id3072 Eryx jaculus Greece Limnos locality not published- Ilias Strachinis 14.06.2009 29.07.2009 79cm adult 
id1188 Hemidactylus turcicus Greece Limnos Plaka27 Ilias Strachinis 22.08.2007 04.09.2007  
id1204 Mauremys rivulata Greece Limnos Kaveiria1 Ilias Strachinis 31.07.2007 06.09.2007 Neftina 
id1189 Natrix natrix Greece Limnos Kalliopi10 Ilias Strachinis 14.08.2007 04.09.2007 3 individuals at the same well 
id1190 Natrix natrix Greece Limnos Plaka35 Ilias Strachinis 03.08.2007 04.09.2007 killed 
id1193 Ophisops elegans Greece Limnos Plaka55 Ilias Strachinis 25.08.2007 05.09.2007 seen often from 0 to 100 at whole Limnos 
id7915 Ophisops elegans Greece Limnos Poliochni20 Jan Dušek 09.10.2013 16.10.2013 1 ex. 
id3099 Pelobates syriacus Greece Limnos Kaliopi- Ilias Strachinis 13.06.2009 05.08.2009  
id1208 Pelophylax/Rana sp. Greece Limnos Plaka35 Ilias Strachinis 31.07.2007 07.09.2007  
id1215 Pseudepidalea viridis Greece Limnos Plaka10 Ilias Strachinis 13.08.2007 09.09.2007