(Notice: data of L. viridis from the western Balkans may include L. bilineata)

Lacerta viridis, quadrate 33TUL4

id3494, Lacerta viridis, Slovenia > Slovenia > Krkavče, Krkavce, Carcase, 30 m a. s., Petr Balej, 28.07.2009, 24.09.2009, 1 DOR subadult/adult, L. viridis/bilineata complex
Lacerta viridis Krkavče, Krkavce, Carcase, Carcauzze
id3484, Lacerta viridis, Slovenia > Slovenia > Padna, Padena, 200 m a. s., Petr Balej, 30.07.2009, 18.09.2009, 1 adult female from L. viridis/bilineata complex