Robert Csekes, excerpt of locality finds

id species country region locality altitude author of find date of find publication date of find comments
id526 Dinarolacerta mosorensis Croatia Dalmatia Mosor- Robert Csekés 18.09.2004 19.11.2006 They inhabit flaws and they are very shy, so it is very difficult to sight them. They display only top of a head as far as eyes from a flaw. After disturbance disappear. 
id528 Podarcis melisellensis Croatia Dalmatia Neretva- Robert Csekés 16.09.2004 19.11.2006 It was interesting, that during 7 km along river (against stream) vary colour appearance from black spotted, across brown with unicolour green band on dorsal side and unicolour brown. Even they were mixed, only one always dominate at its locality. 
id527 Podarcis melisellensis Croatia Dalmatia Trilj- Robert Csekés 04.04.2002 19.11.2006 male