Steve Daniels, excerpt of locality finds

id species country region locality altitude author of find date of find publication date of find comments
id5987 Chalcides ocellatus Greece Crete Ferma- Steve Daniels 04.09.2010 17.02.2012 Regularly seen locally between April and October. Can be found hibernating under rocks in the winter months. 
id5988 Hemidactylus turcicus Greece Crete Ferma- Steve Daniels 06.01.2006 17.02.2012 Regularly seen about the house from May to November. 
id5993 Hierophis gemonensis Greece Crete Ferma- Steve Daniels 18.04.2011 17.02.2012 I climbed a bank to investigate a bird's nest and disturbed one of these. He slid down the bank and into a dry stone wall before I had a chance to do anything sensible with the camera. Only one personally observed in the locality in 8 years. 
id6000 Hyla arborea Greece Crete Ierápetra- Steve Daniels 27.07.2006 17.02.2012 Spent some weeks residing in a hole in the wall of the house, coming out to sunbathe on the wall nearby during the day. 
id5992 Lacerta trilineata Greece Crete Bramiana- Steve Daniels 11.05.2009 17.02.2012 One of a pair spotted chasing about. 
id5990 Lacerta trilineata Greece Crete Istro - Meseleri- Steve Daniels 26.04.2009 17.02.2012  
id5989 Lacerta trilineata Greece Crete Lake Kournas- Steve Daniels 27.11.2009 17.02.2012  
id5991 Lacerta trilineata Greece Crete Malia- Steve Daniels 23.04.2010 17.02.2012  
id5986 Mauremys rivulata Greece Crete Gazi- Steve Daniels 24.02.2010 17.02.2012 Also seen at Bramiana Reservoir, Ayia Reservoir, Lake Kournas and Gazi river mouth at all times of the year. 
id7388 Pelophylax cretensis Greece Agistri Crete, Candia, Creta, Girit, Girit Adasi, Girit Adası, Kirid, Kreta, Krete, Kriti, Kríti, Krētē, Nisos Kriti, Nísos Kríti- Steve Daniels 01.07.2013 18.07.2013 Approximately six individuals seen plus some tadpoles showing first signs of hind leg development. 
id5995 Pelophylax cretensis Greece Crete Ferma- Steve Daniels 12.08.2006 17.02.2012 Rana cretensis 
id5996 Pelophylax cretensis Greece Crete Kato Viannos- Steve Daniels 11.01.2008 17.02.2012 Rana cretensis 
id5999 Pseudepidalea viridis Greece Crete Georgopolis- Steve Daniels 25.03.2010 17.02.2012 Bufo viridis 5 rescued from a rain filled swimming pool from which they could not escape. We placed a palm frond over the edge of the pool in case they jumped back in again. 
id5997 Pseudepidalea viridis Greece Crete Koutsounari- Steve Daniels 03.03.2009 17.02.2012 Bufo viridis - His croak is quite high pitched, reminiscent of a chukar. Not much deeper than a tree frog. However, it obviously works as within a short time a female approached. 
id5998 Pseudepidalea viridis Greece Crete Peristeras Common- Steve Daniels 05.04.2011 17.02.2012 Hiding in a shallow scrape under a medium sized stone at the edge of the common in the middle day. 
id5994 Zamenis situla Greece Crete Ferma- Steve Daniels 27.03.2006 17.02.2012 Only one personally observed in the locality in 8 years